Patience, Young Padawan.

   Although I’ve never watched an episode or movie, I’m familiar with that famous Star Wars phrase.  Hey, give me a break- I was probably too busy watching Power Rangers or playing with my Barbie dolls.  In all seriousness here, patience is a tricky word: yes, it’s a virtue, but it’s one of the hardest virtues of all.

My patience is tested everyday: being a patient older sister, being a patient girl to those around me, and, the hardest one of all, patiently waiting for my dream to come true.  This dream of mine is one in a million: it’s to become a successful singer-composer.  No, I’m not crazy.  Both people around and myself know it’s not an impossible climb, but it is a difficult one.  I’m against one opponent that will try to restrain me in every way from reaching that dream: myself.

   It’s true.  We ourselves are our own antagonists in our lives.  Negativity doesn’t function on its own- our mind conspires with it, too.  For example, I haven’t been performing in front of crowds as much as the last two years because my career status changed.  This left me with time , which normally is used in performing in competitions.  I suddenly developed doubts if I will ever be that one in a million and started feeding negative thoughts.

But a very wise person said to me,”negative thoughts attract negative energy”.  And she’s right.  If I continue to listen to myself doubt what I can do, I will never get to where I want to be for sure.  Seems easy, doesn’t it?  Be optimistic, and all the good fortune will come.  It’s probably the hardest thing for me to do.  But you know what?  It’s a good sign.  The harder the obstacles become, the closer I get to where I want to be.  He already knows what’s in store for me.  Right now, all I need to do is keep developing my craft and practice patience.


Like a true padawan.


2 thoughts on “Patience, Young Padawan.

  1. this is very well written. continue to practice PATIENCE everyday. as for your “one in a million dream”, you need to remember that you were “picked” from the start, and your destiny is already authored by the Up above.. the least that you can do now is to know what is that destiny?

    how do you know your destiny?the easiest way is through constant COMMUNICATION (prayer) with the AUTHOR. Open yourself to the longing in your heart, pray deeply to know God’s purpose for your life. your destiny.

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