WHAT TIME IS IT? Summer is almost over.

It’s been a pleasant second-to-last-week-of-July here in Vancouver: the sun was out for days…just not today (Of all days.  Friday. Really.).  Excuse my whining, I just love seeing the sun, especially in the summer.  I know I should be used to gray skies and the chilly temperature the city has to offer, but not in this season.   I think those of us who live here in the Lower Mainland can all agree this summer has been one of the most bizarre summers. I’m used to blazing hot temperature in the months of July and August, although not very relaxing, at least the sun is out.  I’m currently writing a post-something I haven’t done in years- on a blog I made a few weeks ago (which I usually don’t have the time for) while wrapped in a tiger-print blanket.  A little too much description?  Sorry.  I get wordy when I’m upset.

Actually, to be honest, I’m not overly upset about the Vancouver summer weather.  I’m mostly concerned with its partner in crime: time.  Is it me or did this summer in particular pass by fast?  I’m accustomed to the slow momentum of summer, which I always enjoyed because it was always filled with out-of-town trips or competitions. You know when summer went by fast when it’s almost time to pick up your uniform, something I usually get excited about but I guess in relation with my attitude towards the break, didn’t get me hyped up.  I get excited about September because  I had a colourful vacation to look back at.  I don’t want to say that awful “b” word, but I guess…now’s the appropriate time.

I’m…bored. (GAH!)

AGH.  I hate that word.  I was always the person in the midst of the boredom season that was always excited: I always anticipated what was going to happen next.  UGH. I hate that I’m feeling this way.  I feel like a brat.  I feel like a teenager.

But you know what?  I made it a goal to be optimistic (check the last post), and even if my brain thinks I’m whacked out, positive I shall become.  Sure, I haven’t been out that much this summer, but being inside and lying low has given me the chance to do things I’ve always put off: simple pleasures.  They’re simple things that make me happy: singing while playing the piano.  I’m always not in sync with the piano when I try to sing with it because I’m more comfortable to singing with a backtrack, but this summer has given me the opportunity to enhance my talent.  I’ve also gotten the chance to BLOG. Seriously, I haven’t blogged since I was ten.  AND…I found my Pokemon game(except Pearl is still lost…maybe next summer)!!!  I really don’t know why I was excited about finding my Blue Rescue Team, but I guess it’s because of the way this summer turned out.  I had time to do other things, to enjoy it like a child again.  Looking more on the bright side(which I can’t see anywhere here), I wish all the Olympic athletes all the best.  You guys probably have the sun, so I guess it’s okay. 🙂  For us here in Vancouver or anywhere else in the valley, just…smile.  YOU can be the substitute for the sun while it’s in London.

Just like Denis Waitley said,

 “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.”


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