Valentine’s Day For This Dummy (That’s Me)

A clever Valentine's E-Card from a friend that made me smile today.
A clever Valentine’s E-Card from a friend that made me smile today.

Hello world wide web!  I’ve been itching to write and post entries onto my endless list of blogs (that most of which I neglect), and I’ve been sick for the whole week, so now I am taking advantage of my no-school week and writing onto my web blog (I only found out yesterday that blog is a portmanteau or a combination of the words web and log…I guess my title should’ve been The Every Day Life of a Dummy, huh?).  I’ve been pretty busy with my activities- preparing for a musical (a fundraiser for the homeless in the Philippines AND my first time landing on an acting role!), writing songs, exhausting (and disgusting) schoolwork, and all the other jazz a teenager deals with.

There was only two school days for me this week (which I missed-YES-because of my illness), since I go to a Catholic private school.  Family Day took off one day plus the teachers all had a Catholic Educators Conference, therefore allotting only two days of education: one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  Valentine’s Day, as all with calendars should know, falls on Thursday (which is today), which for Catholic high schoolers like moi is a no-school day.  This means that everyone who decides to give out cards or kisses (y’know what I mean, right?) will have to give it on the last school day of this week (which was yesterday).  From what I remember (from last year), not many people in high school gave out Valentine’s treats.  This year was different.

The moment I checked my Facebook yesterday (Wednesday) night, my news feed was bombarded with pictures that glimmered with red and pink.  I couldn’t help but notice that these were my friends and my classmates getting all assortments of homemade- and clever- Valentine cards and sweet treats (some even got roses!).  I couldn’t help but wonder if it would have been the same for me if I was at school.  Sappy and corny as it sounds, I felt a little longing to have a Valentine card from someone, even just one. You never know, someone might actually like you. Aha. Very funny, Mom.

So that brings us to my situation earlier today: a bitter and sick girl alone on Valentine’s Day (which is actually true because my brother still had school since he goes to a public school).  To top it all off, I rose and woke up to gray skies and wet roads.  What a pleasant morning, eh?  In an attempt to get myself out of this self-pity, I decided to write a song (every musician’s medicine and/or comfort food), which, after merely five hours later, turned out to be successful.  Not so coincidentally, the title I gave to my project was inspired by the spirit of the occasion- the occasion I was spending all alone.  My brother got home in the middle of my work, and he told me about his Valentine’s school day- retelling how the girls in his class reacted in accordance with the festivity.  My mom called sometime later, asking if we wanted to join her and my dad on their Valentine’s date (the first time since I was born that I’m aware of), to which both of us said no to.  But what my brother said next caught me off guard.  My brother- my sometimes insensitive, overly confident (not to mention, overly annoying), little brother- said Happy Valentine’s Day.  To my mom.  He said it before my mom was about to hang up.  To be honest, if he hadn’t interrupted, I would’ve just said bye and hang up.  That’s one (of the only) positive factors of having a brother- they can be blunt and outright.

And that’s when that AHA moment slapped me across the face.  How could I have been so blind and naive?  Why did I need to base “love” on petty Valentine’s cards and candy hearts?  How could have I forgotten the real reason behind the occasion itself?  (The realizations of a teenager.)  Sure, I might not have received five or ten cards saying “I Love You”, but isn’t what my brother just said to my mom (and me) “I Love You” decoded?  From this phenomena of deep philosophical analysis (teenagers can talk in big words, too, you know), I, the dummy, have come to a conclusion:

Love is not defined by the number of roses, candy hearts, or secret/not-so-secret admirer letters you receive.  It’s the thoughtfulness of one towards others; the selfless actions one showers over another.  It is the outpouring of the kindness and pure thoughts.  Call it sappy, but it’s the hard truth.  Remember this as you count your red and pink cards, or fangirl over that rose you got from your crush.  That’s love, ladies and gents.


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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