How Eyesight Can Greatly Affect Your Reputation

Notice how I said eyesight and not eyewear in the title.

Wearing those gorgeous white Versace shades during the summer might enhance self-confidence and get some curious people asking where & how much you got it, but there’s something that affects your social appearance even more: eyesight.

As a high school student, I understand the concept of being approachable to people. It doesn’t hurt to have notifications from people who want to be your friend (well, virtually), does it?  The fact that they want to get to know you is great, granted that you want to get to know them as well, but what does eyesight have to do with this?

During my freshman year, socially speaking, I was the most, or one of the most awkward kids you could ever meet (even a little bit now).  I was the girl with the bushy eyebrows, oily skin (and didn’t help that I didn’t wear powder), and hair that was as thick as the tail of a horse- and it wasn’t even straight. Needless to say, outward appearance isn’t always a big deal, but there’s a fine line between looking presentable and looking like those scary-looking dolls  with the overly caked faces.  Of course, looking like this impacted my self-esteem on a certain level, but what defined my reputation was my ability to see.

Just to point out: I wasn’t friendless, okay? On the contrary, I had (and still have) enough friends to enjoy these early high school years. To some people, however, they think I’m intimidating, or I don’t like them (research done by yours truly with the help of some friends who hear some talking about me but not to me), which is not true most of the time. There were multiple incidences, with this one person particularly, where he, according to my friend, frequently tries to wave or say hi to me. My response everytime: “Really?!” I never saw him wave!” (Note: this was just a friendly act, nothing more).  There was also a time, this school year actually, when I was going to my friend’s locker (the same one who said that the guy was trying to wave at me) and, coincidentally, they were locker buddies and he said hi to me again. But what was I doing? I had my back towards him and probably seemed like I was snobbing him.  The problem in this situation though was my ability to hear. I know, I know- I should probably go and seek medical help for sight and ear.

That first scenario was me not having the ability to see the person gesturing friendliness. These next two are just me not being able to see them (or their figure, to be exact) clearly enough for me to recognize them.

Before Showtime

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was involved in a charitable musical whose goal was to raise funds for the sheltering of those in need of a home in the Philippines. There was a kick-off party for the musical 364 days ago (it was held on June 24 of last year) to get everyone excited and aware of the show that set off on March 10 of this year- which was really successful! Before this kick-off, however, I had asked my mom if we could stop by the mall near the venue of the event, to which she said yes because my dad and her needed to look for a gift for someone. I had a little bit of window-shopping time, which eventually turned to paying-at-the-cashier time (it was just earrings- three sets…that I got for $10!) As we were exiting, my mom turned to me saying that someone from the cast was waving to me. I excitedly turned around but, as usual, I could not see a familiar face. Finally, after about a minute of turning to every direction, I vaguely see a waving hand, but I couldn’t make out the face. So what did I do? I just waved with a face so indescribable I can’t even describe it (all I know that my eyes still looked confused). But luckily, the girl who was waving became friends with me.

Post- Music Night Dinner

After music night- a night of performances from our school bands & choirs (jazz band and choir, and concert band and choir)- my mom treated my brother and I to dinner at Wendy’s. Playing the flute then waiting for two more hours for the night to end makes one very hungry. As I was chomping on a delicious chicken burger of some sort, I noticed, yet again, a familiar figure come through the door. I then continued to eat my sandwich when I heard someone call my name. When I looked up, it was the same person who came through the door! Uno problemo- I didn’t recognize her so I used my signature tactic: wave and smile. I still need to master the art of disguising my look of confusion.


One of the stereotypical things to say is that those with good looks are those who win friends. Correction: those with good eyesight are those who win friends. Nevertheless, one does not need to win friends. Those who accept you for all your flaws and eyesight problems are called true friends. If you need to win them, then something’s not right.  That’s my opening into SUMMER 2013! Stay cool & wear as much sunscreen as soon as the sun comes from its own break.


Maybe now, after this post, I’ll see more friend requests?

jk lolcat

Just my friends and I trying to make use of the sun's appearance. :)
Summer 2012

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