Three Essentials For High School

I had attended my brother’s Grade 7 farewell ceremony yesterday (in which nostalgic feelings had triggered), and one of their three valedictorians mentioned three must-haves for high school (and I added some blurbs here and there):

Sticky notes: to remember the important things (especially who you are).

Star sticker: so you remember to shine (bright like a star, in this case. They should start making diamond stickers or if there are already, that should be the next trend in stationery).

Hockey stick: even if you don’t like hockey or don’t play it, it serves as a reminder to be focused on your goal and not get caught up in distractions. If you can’t find a way to fit it in your locker, print out a random hockey stick. 


Even as a ninth grader, I find these tips very helpful. It is so easy to forget your identity and the values you lived by once you step onto the platform of “finding who you are”. But if we and future high schoolers remember to shine as bright as we can through our work and our attitude towards people, and to stay focused on the goal of success, then we our set not only for high school, but on life itself.


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