A Fall Night of Music (and a few other stuff)

Source: http://media.independentmail.com/media/img/photos/2010/08/03/0804bandPend001_t607.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed the first showcase of my school’s music department.

Well…if you take away the technical difficulties.

And the fact that in one or more pieces, half of the ensemble was practically lost.

And that for the most part, I couldn’t hear/feel any sound coming out of my flute, so basically I was flute-syncing (in most cases).

But other than that, the night was fantastic- due to the fact that I got to hear my brother, who has always sworn that he will never sing in public or be affiliated with any singing group whatsoever, sing with his choir class.  My parents were there as well with my infant brother, and I had a lot of fun with my fellow band geek buddies.

It’s always nice to be around people who share the same passion for music as I do, and though we’ve drawn out our love for it in different ways, we were bound by a common factor and that was to share this passion.

Although music is technically my life, since I can’t seem to do anything else right other than that (I can’t even cook rice without burning the bottom), I’m always looking for people who really love music.

Like, seriously.  My friends sing instead of speak.  And their movement is dance.  And we bond through singing our band songs and making a fool out of ourselves.

Well…for the most part.

Numerous people have asked me why a singer would join a wind ensemble, in which I have no experience with at all.  I have always replied that I have wanted to try something new, which is 100 percent true, but I guess there’s a much deeper answer to that.

I want to learn from different kinds of people who love music.  As a child, I’ve always known that music was what connects everyone to each other.  And I guess I’ve always looked for that connection with people my age.

I’ve always been classified as the singer, and basically that’s all there is to me.  I had no connection with my peers, but then again I didn’t really make an effort to establish one.  This was because I felt that there was no common factor to connect us.  I am an abnormality in the bunch I’m in: innocent, sensitive, and have never tasted poutine before (and I live in the city in which it is known for).

Basically, I’m this tall, Asian girl who sings and has never had poutine.

But ever since I’ve joined the school wind ensemble, which was last year, I’ve developed a kind of confidence that shows even when I’m not onstage or at home. It has helped me to hone my communication skills; level up in the social world!  I’ve learned how to direct myself by becoming self-taught at an instrument, to take risks and develop other skills and talents, and to rely on others as well instead of just being independent.

This is why although our band still needs A LOT of improvement, I’m proud of my decision in becoming a band geek.

As I said to my fellow flautist friend (alliteration alert) this evening:

“Don’t sing; put in the soul.”

P.S. I know that has no relation with my post at all but it just sounded nice and I felt like sharing it.


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