A Teaching/Learning Experience



This summer, I had the privilege of teaching voice at the piano studio I had been going to for several years.  The idea came to be when I asked my piano teacher if I could help out in the studio, as I did not have a job around that time (I landed on one a few weeks after my inquiry).  My teacher then proposed the idea of teaching voice, which at first I was thrilled about. When it suddenly started to go full force, organizing the lesson dates and establishing the lesson plans, I started getting nervous.

First of all, I did not know how I was going to teach vocal techniques to little children. The techniques I use in singing come out naturally, and I did not really know how to articulate that to my students. I was filled with apprehension right before each lesson. I started to doubt myself if I was making the lessons worth how much they cost; if what I was teaching would make a lasting impression on the kids. As someone who has taken vocal lessons before, I could well say that I trusted my teachers into showing me ways on how to improve my vocal ability.

Nonetheless, the kids returned each week with their enthusiasm and dedication. I was inspired.

They put their trust in me, and I had to do my part.

I had to trust myself.

Trust that I have had the experience to share to the children.  And so I did. 

Earlier this evening, the studio hosted a recital to end off the summer vocal program. Initially, I was supposed to teach until this Wednesday (as I was supposed to teach every Wednesday from July to August), but due to a scheduling conflict I am unable to do so. Tonight was a huge success! Though I wish some things could have been better, seeing the kids go out of their comfort zone was truly rewarding. I actually sang with probably the most timid student I had, when initially she didn’t want to perform this evening. But because I promised to sing with her, she trusted me and went onstage, and killed it, too!!!

I’m glad to have inspired the young ones in their musical journey.

But I’m also glad that they have inspired me, too; and in more ways than one.



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