Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Basically sums up everyone’s mood.

As obvious as it is, today is September 2. With many starting their first day back in school (with the exception of those under the public school system and afflicted by the recent turn of events), or first day at a new one, it’s hard to say goodbye to summer. It always is. But I have to admit; this year’s summer has been the best one yet.

I have always been plagued with idle summers. I was always at home, unless the family went out somewhere, but not too far. I’m the type of person who likes variety and adventure, and although I enjoyed going on the piano and trying to write songs, doing that for the two-month break was quite monotonous. This year, however, I was busy- the only period of rest I really had was the Labour Day weekend. I learned a lot this summer through my experiences. I went outside my comfort zone, that’s for sure- from accompanying myself on the piano while singing; teaching kids the enjoyment of singing, to discovering and rediscovering friendships. Heck, I went on five decent rides at the PNE and didn’t make a mess, considering I rode some pretty fast rides. This summer, there were tears (which may or may not be from the rides) and sacrifices, but no regrets. The amount of laughter and love is just too much to long for anything else. Additionally, I was taught a handful of lessons as well, from being humble to appreciating every moment.

Though I wish I could have spent more times with friends, I wouldn’t change a thing. Last summer, I told myself that the following would be ever more productive. And so it happened. I’m truly grateful of the priceless moments of this summer.

It’ll be a change to go back to the ol’ 6 AM wake-up call, but I just had a refreshing break.

Cheers to the new chapter ahead.



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