Make Every Moment Count

Recent realizations has led me to discover something important: time is too valuable to go to waste.
A bit cliché, yes.  Nevertheless, it’s true.
It is a common habit for people to overthink too much; to dwell on what “could be” (trust me, I’m notorious for this).  Why waste time and energy towards things that are beyond our control?  The time spent contemplating on sufficing our worries by worrying when in reality we do not have much power over such puts an unbearable- not to mention, unnecessary- burden on our shoulders.

What then do we do?

Relax.  You can only do so much.  Let the story unfold the way it was intended to.  Don’t try to connect lines that were parallel in the first place.  If it was meant to be, trust that it will come in time.  If not, then not.  Don’t be mistaken- it’s easier said than done.  But by learning to trust in the author of our stories, we let ourselves see the big picture reveal itself to us- much bigger than we could ever imagine.


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