Writer’s Block

I absolutely despise it.

Although I rarely put the pen on the paper, as I am more likely to type away onto a blog post (like what I’m doing right now), I hate the feeling of emptiness; when there is no inspiration for a plot or an idea for a post. I hate it. Eventually, the frustration overwhelms the mind and, consequently, the will to write. Thus, what is produced at the end is nothing but mere stress.

Today was a pleasant day- the sun gleamed with a cool breeze that made walking home from a meeting after school, enjoyable. Upon arriving home after the fifteen-minute walk, I check my email. The inbox icon indicated a new message- it was the result of a scholarship I had applied for abut a month ago. It is an educational program which takes secondary school students on a two-week trip to France and Belgium annually to learn about the First World War. Being the academic enthusiast (nerd) that I am, I leaped onto this opportunity, as I love history. I was almost sure I was going to be selected.

But I wasn’t.

Surprisingly, I took it pretty well. In fact, the rejection pushed me to search for other scholarships. I remained confident in my abilities and my creativity. I consider myself as a passionate and innovative individual who’s not afraid to take initiative.  Within the sea of success stories of other people, however, I felt discouraged. These people who were awarded with prestigious scholarships had an extensive amount of work in their portfolio. I felt as if I had done nothing as significant as theirs. In a snap, the drive to take initiative and make a difference, even within my school community, was mone fairly gone.

I realized that writer’s block also occurs in everyday life. I believe that there is a burning desire to achieve greatness within everyone, whether it be to serve the poor, to write music that can change others’ lives, or to make the perfect tuxedo cake (reminiscent of the cakes the Home Ec students made last week).  However, there are certain occasions wherein the drive to do something great is present, but the means and knowing how to achieve greatness, is not. Nonetheless, it is up to us, the co-author of our stories, to always keep searching for inspiration.

That way, we can put the pen into the paper again no matter how many times we have to draft a new story.


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