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April showers bring May flowers, and soon it’s finally June.

Here we are, nearing the end of the second-to-last week of May.  Honestly, May is my favourite month of the year (aside from the fact that it is my birthmonth).  It’s the time of the year where the sun is smiling wide and bright, Happy Hour at Starbucks is back-though I’m not so sure if my wallet feels the same happiness- and the school year is drawing to a close.  The last one is particularly bittersweet, which I found out, as more and more my feed consisted of graduation and convocation pictures.  Seeing friends whom I’ve grown up and grown closer with, move onto a whole new chapter in their lives is exciting.  At the same time, however, it reminds me that I’m scrolling through my own life as well and will soon end up at the same stage of making the jump.  When I was in Grade 8, I always looked ahead; too far ahead, at times.  I was already excited about graduating from high school and living the “uni” life.  Now, in my current frame of reference, it seems as if the slow summers actually progressed at the rate of the speed of light.

All physics puns aside, I’m just learning that there’s only a certain amount of pages left in my high school chapter.

But don’t get me wrong- it has all been a blast.  I can proudly say I have little to no regrets during these past four years.  Surprisingly, I took risks and spilt ink (shoutout to my friend Rachel Wong- check out her blog), but I couldn’t have done it without all the people who helped me write my story.  This year had been a year full of leaps of faith, reinvigorating old friendships and kindling new ones; and the back-and-forth question of whether to put condiments on hotdogs.  I wouldn’t be the punderful person I am now, had you not brought me out of my shell.

Although you may be slugging yourself through the heap of year-end projects/tests, like myself, always strive to get a better view of the picture.

Don’t get burned by the heat of auto-pilot mode.

Apply some sunscreen of inspiration.


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